What are Collapsible Rigid Boxes?

Collapsible rigid boxes, also known as foldable rigid boxes, are a luxury packaging solution that offers the sturdiness of a rigid box with the convenience of flat shipping and storage. Seamlessly blending elegance and efficiency, these boxes redefine the standards of premium packaging.

Simple Assembly

Shipping Savings

Versatile Design

Lux Presentation

unfolding form of collapsible rigid box folded form of collapsible rigid boxes

Collapsible Rigid box types

Explore our range of Collapsible Rigid Boxes, each type tailored for specific packaging needs.

classic collapsible rigid box 1

Classic Collapsible Box

The classic box design with four symmetrical walls and interlocking flaps, offering a clean and straightforward packaging solution.

flap collapsible rigid box

Collapsible Box with wings

A variant with additional side flaps providing extra support and branding space, enhancing both function and aesthetic appeal.

hinged collapsible rigid box

Hinged Collapsible Boxes

A sleek design featuring a hinged lid and collapsible base, providing a stylish and practical packaging alternative.

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Collapsible Rigid Triangle Box

A unique triangular shape with a simple locking mechanism at the base, offering a modern twist to the classic design.

2 piece collapsible rigid box

2-Piece Collapsible Rigid Box

A two-component design with a foldable base and removable lid, engineered for compact storage, and elegant presentation.

Customize Your Packaging

At TopGiftBoxes, we believe your packaging should be as unique as your brand. Our customization table below is your canvas – choose from an array of materials, finishes, and accessories to craft packaging that not only meets your needs but tells your brand’s story.

Art Paper

Glossy and smooth, ideal option for high-quality printing

Kraft Paper

White or brown color. Natural and welcomed for green packaging.

Linen Stock

Use a textured paper to create a special look for your box.

Soft Touch Paper

A matt soft touch gives your box a luxury final look.

Black Card

Black dyed paper on both sides for elegant packaging need.

Metallic Paper

Fancy paper with a matt or gloss metallic laminated topside. 

Pearl Stock

Luminous paper that offers elegant sheen to simpler designs.

Leatherette Paper

Leather-textured paper, which is soft and wear-resistant.

CMYK printing

Full color printing process to create a wide range of colors.

Pantone printing

Spot color printing to achieve precise color matching.

Hot Stamping

A matt or gloss foil that makes your logo or text stand out.

Blind Embossing

Raise your logo or text by pressing a die on the back of the material.

Blind Debossing

Create a depth of your logo or text on the material to make them stand out.

Combination Embossing

Combination between embossing and hot stamping to create 3D effects.

Spot UV Coating

Gloss UV applied to a specified area which makes your design stand out.


Laminated gloss or matt film to the surface to protect the materials.

Window Cut-outs

Die-cut shape with plastic film that showcases the product inside.

Paperboard Insert

Made of paperboard or corrugated paper. It is a cost-effective solution.

Foam Insert

Lightweight and a perfect choice for fragile items or luxurious feel.

EVA Insert

Create a depth of your logo or text on the material to make them stand out.

Plastic Insert

Detailed plastic molds that can snugly hold food and electronic products.


Wide selection of custom ribbons to decorate your boxes.


Available in different materials & shapes for your packaging needs.

Metal Lock

Adding luxury feel to your packaging with a high-quality metal lock.

Premium Packaging Solutions with Bespoke Customization

Enhance your brand’s image with our customizable collapsible rigid boxes, designed to provide a luxurious unboxing experience. Select from a range of innovative and high-quality options to create packaging that reflects your brand’s excellence.

kraft collapsible rigid box

Personalized Design Elements for Brand Distinction

Showcase your brand’s uniqueness by customizing your collapsible rigid boxes with our variety of material choices, printing techniques, and finishing touches. Create a memorable visual impact that sets your brand apart from the competition.

Embrace Sophistication with Luxury Packaging

Opt for our collapsible rigid boxes, which seamlessly blend elegance and functionality, to elevate your product presentation. Impress your customers with an exceptional unboxing experience, reflective of your brand’s commitment to quality.

Effortless Customization Process

Collaborate with our expert team to turn your ideal collapsible rigid boxes design into reality, from concept to final production and delivery.

Tell us about your brand, products, and desired packaging style.

We’ll adapt your submitted artwork and send a physical sample for approval, ensuring your satisfaction with the final product.

Once the design is approved, we’ll begin producing your collapsible rigid boxes with the highest quality materials and finishes.

Your finished collapsible rigid boxes will be shipped to you, ready for use.


Experience the TopGiftBoxes Difference

High-quality Materials

We use premium materials that ensure durability and an upscale appearance.

Custom Design & Printing

Our team will work with you to create unique designs and prints that represent your brand identity.

Eco-friendly Packaging

We strive to use sustainable materials and processes to minimize our environmental impact.

Exceptional Customer Service

We're dedicated to providing the best customer experience, from design to delivery.

Fast Turnaround

We understand the importance of timely delivery and ensure quick production and shipping.

Begin Your Journey with a Sample

Explore our packaging options with a sample. Choose between a standard stock sample or a customized one to see our quality and design up close.

Discover with a Free Stock Sample

Immerse yourself in the quality and finesse of TopGiftBoxes with a complimentary sample. It's not just a sample, it's the first step to experiencing how we can transform your packaging ideas into reality.

Your Vision, Our Sample

Create a customized sample that speaks volumes about your brand. Share your design, and we'll craft a sample that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. This is where your unique vision starts taking shape, giving you a tangible glimpse of the possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MOQ is always 1000 pieces, depending on the box style. For more complex premium boxes or boxes with multiple designs/colors, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) can be less.

We offer a variety of materials, including rigid paperboard, eco-friendly options, and premium textured paper, all designed to complement the folding functionality.

Production and delivery times depend on the complexity of your design, the materials used, and the quantity ordered. Generally, production takes around 10-15 business days, with shipping time varying based on your location. Our team will provide you with an estimated turnaround time once we have all the necessary information.

Definitely yes. You can choose a stock sample, dummy or custom sample with your design based on your need and budget. 

Contact our specialist for a sample now.

Absolutely! We provide various printing techniques, such as offset printing, digital printing, foil stamping, and embossing, as well as a wide range of finishing touches to create a unique and luxurious appearance.

Collapsible rigid boxes are versatile and suitable for various industries, such as cosmetics, apparel, luxury gifts, electronics, and more.

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