Illuminate Your Brand with Custom Candle Boxes

Create a lasting impression with our exquisite custom candle packaging solutions. We specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality, bespoke candle boxes that not only protect your candles but also showcase your brand’s identity and enhance the unboxing experience for your customers.

kraft custom candle boxes with candle jar

Captivating Custom Candle Box Collection

Browse our stunning collection of custom candle boxes, showcasing our dedication to quality and innovative design. Let these captivating examples inspire your own unique packaging vision.

custom box packaging for diffuser

Distinctive Custom Candle Boxes Tailored to Your Brand

Our expert team collaborates with you to create luxury candle packaging boxes that reflect your brand and product range. From minimalist to elaborate designs, we bring your vision to life, ensuring your packaging captivates customers and stands out in the competitive candle market.

High-Quality Materials and Finishes for Luxury Candle Packaging

Choose from a variety of premium materials, such as rigid paperboard, textured paper, or eco-friendly options, to create a stunning look for your custom candle packaging. Enhance the appearance with elegant finishes like foil stamping, embossing, or spot UV.

yellow paper candle jar boxes
open view of custom candle packaging

Dedicated Support for Your Custom Candle Packaging Needs

Our experienced team understands the unique needs and challenges of the candle industry. We guide you through every step of the packaging process, from design to production, ensuring a seamless experience and exceptional customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

he minimum order quantity varies depending on your specific packaging requirements. Please contact our team for a tailored quote.

Production and delivery times depend on the complexity of your design, the materials used, and the quantity ordered. Generally, production takes around 10-15 business days, with shipping time varying based on your location. Our team will provide you with an estimated turnaround time once we have all the necessary information.

Our custom candle boxes can be tailored with various features, including die-cut windows, custom inserts, and branded ribbons, to create a memorable unboxing experience and showcase your brand's unique style.

Yes, we can provide a physical sample of your custom candle packaging for your approval before proceeding with a bulk order. This ensures the design, materials, and overall appearance meet your expectations.

We offer a variety of premium materials such as rigid paperboard, textured paper, and eco-friendly options. Our team can help you choose the best material based on your product and design requirements.

 We offer various printing options for custom candle boxes, such as offset printing, digital printing, foil stamping, and embossing, allowing you to create a visually striking packaging design that aligns with your brand identity.

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