A Guide to Easy and Affordable Jewelry Packaging Ideas

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Whether you’re a business or an individual looking for an excellent way to package your jewelry, we’ve got you covered. Check out this guide to easy and affordable jewelry packaging ideas.

Jewelry Gift Box

Boxes are the most popular jewelry packaging options, coming in various colors, styles, and materials. Cotton-filled, kraft and even wooden jewelry boxes are available in different shapes and sizes to fit small rings or statement necklaces.

Here are the different jewelry gift boxes to choose from, based on style and material:

1. Two-Piece Box

One of the top jewelry gift boxes businesses use is the Lid Base Box. These boxes have a double-wall to ensure that the boxes remain appealing and sturdy. It’s easy to open and ideal for jewelry display.

Lid base jewelry box

2. Wooden Gift Boxes

Wooden boxes are high-end packaging options, usually having a soft leather interior and protective cushioned base. It’s also stylish while giving a modern look and fantastic unboxing experience.

Wooden boxes are very sturdy and ideal for particular types of jewelry. If businesses look for more strength and high impact resistance, these are the best packages without compromising aesthetics.

3. Kraft Gift Boxes

There are Kraft recycled boxes made of natural-colored materials for environment-friendly ones. These are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, attracting customers or gift receivers.

These eco-friendly gift boxes pair well with accessories and decorative ribbons or natural jute and string to give a festive finish. Kraft gift boxes are also lightweight and durable, and companies can customize them based on your branding and the size required.

4. Leatherette Gift Boxes

Leatherette gift boxes are made for classic and timeless jewelry with, quality finish. However, they are pretty expensive.

There are various leatherette gift boxes, such as standard or postal. One of the leatherette packaging variants is a coin box, holding crowns, pendants, rings, or cufflinks.

5. Velvet Box

Velvet boxes look appealing and elegant, perfect for bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, or necklaces. Like leatherette boxes, it can add a classic, luxurious touch to jewelry.

These boxes have a matt appearance with a soft and velvet-like texture, giving a luxurious appearance. Furthermore, companies can create velvet gift boxes resistant to fingerprints, scratches, or scuffs.

6. Drawer Box

We love this jewelry packaging because of how classy and convenient it looks. Rather than removing the lid from above, you simply pull a string from one side of the box, which will slide out and reveal the gift.

7. Ribbon Closure Box

Ribbon closure boxes can come in different styles and designs. Usually, they are opened by untying the ribbon and lifting the lid. Or you can tie a ribbon around a Lid Base Box. The added ribbon adds an elegant touch, and businesses can place their branding on top of the box.

8. Magnetic Closure Box with Flap

Magnetic closure boxes with flap secure jewelry with the magnetic strip on the box’s opening. It comes in various styles made for necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, and the like.

It’s a more upscale packaging option with more durability since these boxes have reinforcing ribs at the corners and reinforcing bars on the box’s inner seams.

Display Cards

If you want an excellent way to package earrings and necklaces, display cards are the best choice. This packaging option consists of a card with cut-out slits or holes to hold the jewelry in place. You can slip this card into a gift bag, box, or transparent plastic.

Jewelry Gift Pouches or Drawstring Bags

Not to be mistaken for the standard gift bag, jewelry gift pouches are drawstring bags made from different materials, such as velvet or organza. Depending on what kind of fabric is used, jewelry pouches are elegant to package and gift jewelry to others.

While pouches look nice, it’s best to keep them in an added box or bag to protect the jewelry. Also, pouches aren’t as easy to brand compared to boxes.

This type of packaging is best suited for jewelry that won’t tangle easily, such as rings or earrings. Meaning, necklaces or chain bracelets are a no-no for pouches and drawstring bags.

You can opt for the following designs:

  • Drawstring bags are a common jewelry packaging option, which is secured at the top with a drawstring.
  • Pockets are shaped like an envelope. You can use display cards to secure the jewelry and place it in the pocket for safekeeping.
  • Pouches are another kind of small and flexible bag, which had a fold-over style secured with a ribbon.

You can choose between various materials to customize your jewelry gift pouches, such as:

  • Cotton pouches are made of natural fiber, feeling soft and breathable. These pouches are also very durable, as cotton is a strong material.
  • Microfiber pouches are made of polyester and polyamide, commonly used in events like weddings. It’s known to be softer and silkier than cotton material.
  • There are also other materials available, such as velvet, suede, and linen, depending on preference and budget. These materials feel elegant and luxurious, with a soft, rich finish.

Optional: Jewelry Gift Bags

Jewelry gift bags are classic ways to wrap presents. Furthermore, they are a simple and inexpensive option as jewelry packaging.

However, jewelry gift bags should not be used on their own, as these bags won’t pack jewelry directly. Instead, these bags are optional, and you can place your jewelry gift boxes or pouches inside for added protection. Businesses can also customize these gift bags and add their business logo and other graphics.

Where Can You Buy Jewelry Packaging?

There are two primary ways you can invest in any of these jewelry gift packagings for your business.

Online Shops

There are online shops like Amazon that sell basic packages of your choice. Sellers can stick your business logo’s label, or an employee can do it once you receive the packaging. While this option sounds cheaper, you receive impersonalized and uncustomed packaging, which businesses have to spend for when they want to stick their logos or labels.

Custom Jewelry Packaging

Businesses are better off with custom jewelry packaging companies, like us! TopGiftBoxes make sure your packages are made of high-quality materials that don’t only look great but have the strength and durability to withstand shipping processes and the usual wear and tear.

Furthermore, we tailor packages to your liking, including high-quality prints of your logo or graphics to the box, pouch, card, or bag. Choose among different packaging styles and colors and send the details (such as measurements, design, your business logo), and we will handle the rest.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this guide to easy and affordable jewelry packaging ideas helped you out! Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in any packaging options mentioned above for business or gifts. We’ll help you find the best packaging based on your specific needs.


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