How to Make Attractive Cosmetic Boxes

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When it comes to premium products, presentation is everything.

It doesn’t matter how good your actual product is if it doesn’t look appealing to the regular consumer. Right from the start, when they lay their eyes on your product’s packaging, they should already feel the need to have it – to make it their own.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make attractive cosmetic boxes that will knock your opponents out of the competition.

How to Make Attractive Cosmetic Boxes Step-by-Step

If you want to make attractive cosmetic boxes, you need to follow these steps.

1. Choose the right box

The first step to making attractive cosmetic boxes is choosing the right box.

There are three factors that determine what type of box is perfect for your product.

  • Size. How big the box should depend on the product itself. You can’t cram something big into a small box, nor should you use a big box for something small. The box should also have enough space to hold the bubble wrap or packing sheets if needed.
  • Material. If your company is aiming for sustainability, you should opt for eco-friendly materials. Some of the newer options include gold and silver metallic paper for a luxury vibe, or kraft paper for an all-natural appeal. If you need to stick to plastic, consider using recycled plastic, as well.
  • Safety Features. You may need to have safety features on your box to make sure that it’s secure at all times – from the factory to the customer’s hands. For instance, your box shouldn’t open so easily that the contents can spill out during bumpy transport.

2. Determine the design theme

After choosing the right box for your purpose, it’s time to determine the design theme.

If you’re selling premium cosmetic products, opt for a design that exudes luxury. If your products are geared towards a younger audience, you can use a more playful, more fun design. And if your main demographic is men, a strong, bold design should work well.

If your brand has its own theme – like if you’re running a luxury line, for example – you can simply use an overall design for all your boxes. This can save you time and resources in determining a design theme for each individual product.

In fact, most companies already do this. Some have even made this practice part of their branding and brand awareness efforts – just seeing the box can make you think of the brand in an instant.

3. Select complementary colors

The next part is choosing which colors to use. Ideally, you should pick something that complements both your design theme and each other.

For example, a luxury cosmetics box for women can use pink and black or pink and white. The former looks modern and grown-up, while the latter looks chic and romantic.

A box for young adults can have a more cheerful vibe, perhaps in the shade of blue and orange, or even green and red – colorful enough to be fun, but not so much that it hurts the eyes.

For men, it goes without saying that darker colors are optimal. Most products on the market right now for men are in the shade of black, dark blue, or dark green, and for a good reason. After all, these colors are subdued enough to catch men’s eyes without looking over the top.

Whatever colors or color combination you choose, the important thing is that it serves your design purpose.

4. Add a bit of texture

A bit of texture never hurts – especially if your goal is to make attractive cosmetic boxes.

You can experiment with different coatings and laminates to give the box a more unique, premium feel.

Although the default coating is usually aqueous coating, there are other options that you can choose from.

A soft-touch coating, for instance, gives a velvet-like feel to your cosmetics box. Due to this, it’s also known as a matte coating. Meanwhile, UV and UV strikethrough coating can make the exterior of your box resistant to scratches and water droplets. They can also make the colors more striking.

To get the best of both worlds, you can even combine soft-touch coating with UV strikethrough. The result is a box that’s matte to the touch but still retains its eye-catching colors.

If you want to add dimension and depth to the packaging, you can also do embossed and debossed designs.

Embossing involves raising parts of the box’s surface, while debossing means the opposite. Not only do these add texture to the design, but they also give it a more luxurious feel. Most cheap products don’t have embossed or debossed designs, so consumers have associated this type of technique with more high-end products.

White cosmetic box with texture

5. Finish up with the branding

Lastly, don’t forget the branding. This is the part where you add the labels, product information, and promotional inserts about the product.

Some companies choose to have everything printed right on the box itself, but it’s not a requirement. If you don’t want anything else other than the brand name on the box, you can add a thin leaflet or even just a single page inside.

Just make sure there’s enough space if you’re thinking of going down this route.

black luxury paper box

Making Attractive Cosmetic Boxes: Wrap-Up

As you can see, making attractive cosmetic boxes doesn’t have to be hard. You may have to go through some experimentation in the beginning, but once you figure out what’s most suitable for you, you’ll find that the entire process isn’t actually that difficult.

If you follow these steps, then we’re sure you can have a unique and memorable box for your products in no time at all.

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