Pump Up Your Paper Gift Box With These Window Design Ideas

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Window packaging is a type of gift box packaging that is popular among businesses for its ability to offer consumers the opportunity to see or touch a product before buying it. The transparency of the window allows the customer to view a product from all angles and obtain a better understanding of what it looks and feels like. Today, window packaging is used by industries all over the world, such as for food and candy, cosmetics, toys, and more.

Why is a window gift box popular for packaging?

The packaging is popular for several reasons:

Window packaging is designed to offer consumers excellent visibility of the product inside. It displays products in an appealing manner, and customers can also get a better sense of what they’re buying and what the product looks like before they commit to purchasing it. The touch and see factor allows them to observe the product ideally.

Window packaging improves the interest in packaging. The window can come in different shapes & sizes. Good open window packaging can produce some unexpected effects and increase consumer goodwill. If you’re looking for a way to make your paper gift boxes stand out, window boxes are a great option.

Something To Know About Window Gift Box

If you want to create a window gift box to display your products on shelves and tables, then these are a few things you should know:

The window gift box is always covered by a transparent plastic film. The film is PVC or PET (PET is an eco-friendly material). Sometimes the file wraps over an edge of a joining panel. Some of window boxes don’t come with any film at all and are left as just a cut-out. That way customers can see and feel the products before they buy them.

The window can come in many shapes and sizes. A window can show anything required, such as the product itself or promotional materials. It is not limited to a certain area or a certain pattern on the package. You can make reasonable window openings according to the customer’s needs combined with the product itself. We’ll talk about the shape of windows in more detail next.

To create a special window shape, a die-cut file is necessary. Window shapes start with a die-cut file. You can do the file yourself or get help from your manufacturer. A metal mold is then made based on the shape of the die-cut file. The metal mold is to be applied to cut the special window shape on the box. Afterward, a plastic film gets glued inside of the box

if necessary.

Special Window Shape Design Ideas


Geometric Shape Window

The use of “Geometric shapes” as packaging design is a popular trend in packaging design nowadays. Simple geometric shapes can create artistic visual effects. The use of geometric figures for window opening design can bring a lot of artistic design sense to the packaging. The commonly used geometric shapes are square, circle, triangle, and so on.


Advanced Geometry

The advanced geometry window opening design is designed to make the window part associated with the product so that there is a connection between the packaging and the product. The viewer can associate with the product through the packaging, and really understand the use of the product itself.


Food Shape Window

The packaging design technique of using food shapes for windows opening combines the packaging with the product, allowing the viewer to understand the product at a glance.


Use Scenario Shape Window

The packaging design of the use scenario window opening is the comprehensive result of the brand combining the product and the consumer. It focuses on the use scenario of the product and the consumer’s sense of experience, and has a unique expression that emphasizes the brand’s product.


Interesting Irregular Shape Window

Break the routine and choose some irregular shapes / graphics for window opening in packaging design. Compared to conventional graphics and shapes of the window form, interesting and irregular window opening methods can attract the attention of consumers. Interesting graphics to attract the attention of consumers is also a form of brand packaging creation.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this article on window gift boxes taught you more about this popular box style. If you’re thinking of investing in windows for your packaging, please contact us.


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