Why Are Kraft Boxes Preferred for Gift Box Packaging?

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Today, you’ll be able to find so many different types of gift box packages, with various designs and materials used. People and businesses select the best based on their personal tastes and branding.

Among the many gift boxes available, you might have come across Kraft boxes, which are growing in popularity, and for a good reason! Not only do Kraft boxes look aesthetically pleasing, but you also get to reap more advantages when choosing this packaging.

But what are Kraft boxes, and why are they so beneficial anyway? Read on to find out!

What are Kraft Boxes?

Kraft boxes, as the name suggests, are made from Kraft paper. Kraft paper was created in 1879 by Carl F. Dahl in Prussia, Germany. The word “Kraft” means “strength” in German, as Kraft paper is very strong!

The paper is made through pulverizing and blending wood pulp material, creating large rolls of brown filament. The filament isn’t color-treated, so you get that natural brown color. Furthermore, it undergoes minimal chemical processing, making it 100% biodegradable.

By default, Kraft boxes are brown, but we can print and customize it to whatever color and pattern you want. Many people love this packaging because of the distinct look, texture, and feel.

Benefits of Kraft Boxes

Now that you’re familiar with Kraft boxes, what makes them the preferred gift box packaging among many customers? Here are the reasons why:

It’s Eco-Friendly

If you’re a business targeting the eco-conscious consumer, Kraft boxes are the best choice. As mentioned, Kraft boxes are made of biodegradable material without adding any harmful components to ecosystems, thus helping nature.

You’ll be surprised with how much of an impact eco-friendly packaging can do on your branding and business. According to a study from Distribution, 57% of participants agreed that environment-friendly packaging is essential to them.

Kraft boxes may encourage people to choose you when conducting business, as it shows you care for the environment and product sustainability. More people appreciate eco-friendly businesses that practice sustainability through their products and packaging.

So Many Custom Boxes to Choose From

There are so many different kinds of Kraft boxes to choose from, not only in color and shape but also in printing techniques!

For instance, you can use various kinds of Kraft paper, such as regular, sack, spinning, or absorbent Kraft paper.

Furthermore, you can choose various gift box designs made of Kraft paper, such as squares, oval, or rectangular shapes. There are other styles, including sleeve boxes, window boxes, tuck-in boxes, flip-top boxes, or gable boxes!

As for custom printing, you can choose between different fonts, colors, and where to place your logos and graphics. You can also select other printing and coating techniques for a fantastic finish. Packaging companies offer printing finishing techniques like glossing, foiling, debossing, gradients, embossing, spot UV, textured, and more. Print what you need on the box, from printing logos to contact addresses and contact information to other details.

Our company can also offer extra decorations to spruce up the packaging, including ribbons. Add some pizzazz to your packaging and let it stand out for everyone to remember with unique décor and your brand’s logo printed on the gift box.

It’s Affordable

Regardless of the business you own, you’ll want to strike a balance between cost-effective packaging that still looks and functions amazingly. Since raw packaging materials like Kraft paper are readily available, the gift boxes come at such low price ranges compared to other gift box packaging options.

You can generate more profit and grow your business with Kraft boxes, as it saves you more in the long run!

It’s Sturdy and Durable

Kraft paper has the natural strength to protect the products you plan on placing in the gift box. The durability will vary from product to product; it all lies in the manufacturing process.

In general, the long wood fibers in Kraft boxes give more elasticity, porosity, and strength to packaging, thus improving its durability. There are Kraft boxes that have several layers to increase strength.

Besides being sturdy and durable, did you know that Kraft boxes are flexible? You can bend and shape Kraft boxes to other unique shapes with the help of skillful packaging professionals.

There are Many Uses

Whether you’re packing food, cosmetics, luxury gifts, handmade crafts… Whatever! Kraft gift boxes suit almost all kinds of products.

These are lightweight and easy to assemble boxes that enhance your products’ appearance while protecting them. You can place envelopes, jewelry, mugs, picture frames, hand towels, the sky’s the limit!

You can use Kraft boxes to place your gift to family members or purchase in bulk for your business.

Aesthetically-Pleasing for Business

One of the reasons consumers purchase products from a business is the brand identity they see on packaging boxes. Besides offering high-quality products and customer service, you need to market your business correctly for more sales.

Little do many businesses know: Kraft boxes are efficient marketing tools and the cheapest one at that! You can print information about your brand and products and design it in a way that attracts people when posted online.

Furthermore, Kraft boxes have a natural style and aesthetic that looks great when you take photos of them. In a world filled with social media and online shopping, it’s crucial to have your products and packaging look amazing. Kraft boxes can achieve that when properly designed to suit your product.

Wrapping It Up

With everyone becoming more aware of the adverse effects of using plastic packaging, eco-friendly options are so in! If you’re looking for non-toxic and eco-friendly gift box packaging for your business or loved ones, then opt for Kraft boxes. These gift box packages are as solid and durable as they are popular, making them worth the investment.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to avail personalized Kraft boxes, contact us to learn about your options that fit your budget now!


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