7 Inspiring for Custom Tea Packaging Boxes

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Inspired tea packaging can instantly make your product stand out amongst the crowd.

Although most teas on the market right now come in standard structural packaging, you can incorporate a few design tricks to your custom tea packaging to make it more eye-catching and unique.

Before we begin with this special list, here are some important things to consider first when designing your tea packaging.

Safe and secure. The main purpose of your tea packaging is to keep the tea bags inside safe and secure without making it too difficult to take them out when needed.

Protective. It should be able to help preserve the color, scent, and flavor of the tea.

Elegant and classy. Lastly, many people opt to give premium tea as gifts and souvenirs, so the design should be classy enough to fit any occasion.

With that out of the way, welcome to our list of the best premium tea packaging to inspire your design!

1. Standard Fare

Source: ,Viscon

If you’re a regular tea drinker, you’ll notice this kind of packaging everywhere. It’s the standard packaging for most tea products, mainly because it’s very cost-effective and easy to manufacture.

That said, there’s also another major reason why it’s so popular: it works. Simply put, this kind of tea packaging checks the three requirements – it protects the tea, it’s safe and secure, and it’s classy enough to be given as a gift. What more could one ask for?

Plus, just because it’s standard doesn’t mean it has to be plain, design-wise. In the example image above, you can see that the colors work well together to create an overall ‘natural’ vibe, fitting nicely with the product.

2. A Twist on Simplicity

Source: ,Victor Branding Design Corp

At first glance, this tea packaging design seems very straightforward. It’s just a thin paper box with individual paper packets for the tea bags themselves.

However, what sets it apart is the cut-out design at the top of the box that allows the brand logo or tea variant name to show through.

It may seem very simple, but thanks to this little detail, you can be a bit more creative if you want to. For instance, you can wrap the logo in foil to make it shine or utilize debossing or embossing techniques to provide additional texture.

3. Classic Luxury

Source: ,Behance

If luxury is what you’re going for, look no further than this classic premium tea packaging.

The hard cardboard box on the exterior protects the softer interior, which houses the smaller paper boxes that contain the actual tea bags. The box is further protected by a thick paper bag, which not only helps with the transport but also makes it more gift-ready.

Best of all, it can accommodate any design element that you want. In this specific example, the name and the logo are foil stamped, making them stand out against the dark green background. There are also UV patterns on the smaller boxes themselves to add texture. It’s certainly the perfect luxurious gift for someone who loves tea.

4. Hard Collection

Source: ,Red-Dot

If you’re designing something that’s specifically meant to be given as a gift, using a hard box is your best bet.

Not only does this allow you more space to add inscriptions or special messages underneath the top cover, but it also protects the tea from being damaged if unopened for a long time.

Just like the previous example, hard boxes can house multiple smaller, thinner paper boxes inside that contain the tea bags. This box, in particular, has ribbons at the side to prevent the top from coming off completely. Doing this helps keep the box intact and prevents the top cover from being misplaced.

5. A Modern Touch

Source: ,xiusheji

You can also use a blend of traditional and contemporary elements to design your tea packaging. This adds a modern touch to your design while still retaining the classic feel of your product.

For instance, this tea gift set was designed to celebrate the 100th year of Taiwan as a nation. More than just a design aesthetic, its window-inspired decor serves as a simple reflection of Taiwanese culture and traditional architecture.

In contrast, the bright colors against the dark background provide a tinge of modernity to an otherwise classical design.

6. Refreshing Spirits

Source: ,Tea Forte

If you value both quality and quantity equally, you need to pick a design that’s both functional and decorative.

This glossy laminated paper box, for example, contains a simple selection of individual packets designed like tiny pyramids. Their shape isn’t just for show, however. By packaging them this way, you can fit more of them inside the rectangular box.

Due to this, this type of box design is highly suitable for tea sampler sets. It can also work well as a gift box, provided that the exterior design is aesthetically pleasing enough.

7. Firm and Structured

Source: ,Ippodo Tea

A narrow rectangular box may be simple, but its firm, the rigid structure ensures that the containers inside are kept safe and secure at all times.

The key to making this type of box design work is the material used to create the inner packaging. In this example, the containers inside are made of tin. With five tin containers packed tightly together, they can reinforce the paper box and make sure that it won’t warp or tear during transport.

Additionally, if you want to make it stronger, you can also create the box using a harder, thicker type of cardboard.

If you have any questions or would like to see more packaging ideas, contact our packaging specialist today!


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