Promotional Gift Boxes: Their Benefits and How to Build One for Your Brand

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If you want a quick and easy way to make your product become more valuable, consider using custom promotional gift boxes.

Aside from making your product look more premium and high-end, promotional gift boxes have the added benefit for your marketing efforts as well. They sometimes even go as far as to sway customers into buying what you have to offer – even if they weren’t planning to in the first place.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of promotional gift boxes and how to build the perfect one, as well as show a few examples that you can use in your corporate event, client thank-you packages, or employee gifts for the holidays.

What are the benefits of a promotional gift box?

There are many benefits to creating and using a promotional gift box for your brand. Here are just some of them.

Raises brand awareness

A promotional gift box is a fantastic way to promote your business or company to customers or clients.

Think about it. The moment that they lay their eyes on your promotional gift box, it’s your brand that they’re going to see – and that’s the name that will stick in their mind.

Increases the product’s value

Putting your product inside a promotional gift box makes it look a lot more valuable. You can, if you want, even go the extra mile and add multiple products in one gift box, selling it as a set. In fact, one effective marketing strategy is to put different but complementary items in a single gift box.

When it comes to client thank-you packages or employee gifts, promotional gift boxes also look a lot more valuable than just plain gift wrap.

Plus, not only are you giving them a beautiful present that they can appreciate better, you’re also emphasizing your brand at the same time.

Improves the presentation of the gift

As mentioned above, using promotional gift boxes on presents that you give to your clients, employees, and event attendees makes them more special.

Just imagine, if you were the receiver of the gift, would you rather have something that’s inside a box or inside a wrap? A well-decorated box would be even better than even the most premium paper bag.

Adds function

Aside from enhancing the physical appearance of the item, a promotional gift box also adds functionality to it.

After all, gift boxes can make the items easier to carry than if they weren’t in one set together. They also make transporting the products much more convenient – and safer, to boot.

How to make the perfect promotional gift box

Now that you know what are the benefits of using promotional gift boxes, here are steps on how to build one.

Set a budget

The first step to building the perfect promotional gift box is setting a budget for it.

Since you’ll be customizing every part of the creation process, you can go as cheap or as expensive as you want.

The critical thing here is to ensure that the price of your box matches the item that you’re going to put in it. For example, if you want the product to exude an air of luxury, you have to make sure you use the correct materials – and that you have the budget for it.

Think about your brand story

Next, think about your brand story. How did your brand come to be, and how does your promotional box personify that?

Remember, every single box you give out to customers, clients, guests, employees, or attendees is an opportunity for your brand to connect with them.

One important thing that your box does is communicate. When the receiver sees, touches, and opens the box, what do they feel? What does the experience tell about your brand? Think about how your promotional box can do all the talking for your brand.

Consider the design theme

In relation to the previous point, the design of your promotional gift box can also influence the thoughts and feelings of whoever will be receiving the box.

Of course, make sure that the design theme is also in accordance with the budget that you set and the brand story that you want to convey.

You can’t have a design that’s out of your budget because that is counterproductive for a business. You also can’t have a design that doesn’t fit your brand, or else that may turn off your existing audience.

Instead, you have to find the most suitable design that can check all the categories. You have to weave your brand story into the design theme while keeping your costs below your desired budget.

Add finishing touches

Last but definitely not least, you should add finishing touches to improve the overall aesthetics of the promotional gift box.

This can be in the form of added texture, extra design like glitters or ribbons, or even features like handles or side cutouts.

Examples of inspiring promotional gift boxes

Here are some examples of inspiring promotional gift boxes.

Foods Promotional Gift Box


This promotional gift box combines several products from one manufacturer in a single package.

The packaging itself is just a simple cardboard box, but it’s a great idea for brands who want to get people to try different products at once while keeping costs low. Best for companies on a low budget.


Many wine brands are known to have luxurious promotional gift boxes to match their target audience.

For instance, this particular company placed a bottle of wine together with two wine glasses in a premium-looking gift box. It even has an interesting pull-out feature where the glasses are stored.

Since it’s also made of thicker cardboard in general, you can expect that this promotional gift box will last a long time to come.


Sometimes you just want a gift box to give away to your clients or employees.

This is a simple cardboard box in plain white with a customized print at the top. The ribbon that is used to tie the box close also has a custom quote on it. Simple, but classy.


You can be more creative with your promotional gift box as well. This chocolate gift box, for example, contains smaller boxes within its boxes. The ribbon has a customized logo printed on it, giving the entire package a simple but elegant feel.

The box containing the chocolate box itself could be filled with shredded paper for both safety and aesthetic purposes, while the outermost box may have enough space for other items or promotional material.

Interested in creating inspiring promotional gift boxes for your brand? Contact our packaging specialist today!


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