How We Ensure Accurate Color Printing for Your Custom Packaging

accurate color for printing

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In the world of custom packaging, accurate color reproduction plays a vital role in maintaining brand consistency and delivering a high-quality product.

Many clients also have the question when it comes to custom packaging:

Can you print our packaging with the right color that I want?

In this blog, we will explore the factors that contribute to color differences and share our practical approach as a custom packaging supplier to ensure color accuracy for your packaging projects. By understanding and addressing these factors, we can guarantee precise color reproduction for your custom packaging needs.

Factors Causing Color Differences

Several factors can contribute to color discrepancies in custom packaging:

Color Space

Colors can appear differently on digital displays and printed materials due to differences in color spaces, such as RGB (used for digital displays), CMYK (used in most printing processes), and Pantone (a standardized color-matching system). Each color space represents and reproduces colors differently, which can lead to variations in appearance across various devices and media.

Display and Printing Technologies

The choice of printing and display equipment can affect color accuracy. Variations in ink, printing processes, and display technologies (such as LCD or OLED screens) can impact how colors are perceived and reproduced.


The choice of substrate, such as paper, cardboard, or plastic, can impact how colors are absorbed and reflected, resulting in color differences. For example, printing on glossy paper may produce more vibrant colors compared to printing on matte or uncoated paper, which can have a more muted appearance.

Environmental Conditions

Factors such as lighting conditions, temperature, and humidity can also influence color perception and reproduction. Different light sources can cause colors to appear differently, and variations in temperature and humidity can affect the behavior of inks and substrates during the printing process.

Operator and Experience

The expertise and experience of the operators handling the printing process can also contribute to color accuracy. Skilled operators with a deep understanding of color management can better ensure consistent color reproduction.

Our Approach to Ensuring Accurate Color As a Custom Packaging Supplier

As a trusted custom packaging provider, we take the following steps to ensure color accuracy in your projects:

Clear Communication

We establish open communication with you to understand your color expectations and requirements. We gather information on Pantone references, color profiles, and any other specific color-related details you provide.

communication for color expectations & requirements

Material Considerations

We collaborate with you to select the right materials for your packaging, taking into account how each substrate interacts with your desired colors to achieve the best possible results.

Determination of Color Match Samples

We create physical or digital proofs to ensure color accuracy before actual production. For Pantone color designs, we utilize the Pantone Matching System to precisely match your desired colors. For reprint projects, we rely on records or samples from previous projects to reproduce the exact colors used in the original packaging. These proofs serve as a reference for color matching during the production process, allowing us to achieve the desired colors in your packaging.

Quality Control

We implement stringent quality control measures throughout the production process to maintain color accuracy and consistency. By continuously comparing the output to the approved proofs or provided samples, we can guarantee that your packaging meets your exact color requirements.


Accurate color reproduction is essential for successful custom packaging, and our commitment to your brand’s success drives us to achieve this goal. By understanding the factors that can cause color discrepancies and implementing practical solutions, we can deliver packaging that accurately represents your brand. Trust our expertise to bring your vision to life, and rest assured that your packaging will make a lasting impression on your customers.


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