TopGiftBoxes Improves Dameso Brand Reputation [Case Study]

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Businesses must build a reliable brand name to connect to and gain loyal customers. Everything about their brand must overflow with the utmost professionalism and trustworthiness. A business’s logo, products, and even packaging must be the highest quality. DAMESO was a business that needed premium packaging for its t-shirts and polo shirts. TopGiftBoxes showed how it increased brand recognition for businesses when it helped DAMESO.

DAMESO Needed Premium Packaging for Their Premium Products

DAMESO was a fashion brand in the business of distributing high-quality t-shirts and polo shirts. The company was a global business operating in Switzerland, continental Europe, Canada, the United States, etc.

But DAMESO’s product was not complete. The product needed packaging that reflects the quality of the shirts and the reputation of the company.

DAMESO first came to TopGiftBoxes looking for t-shirts and polo shirts packaging. The company already had an idea of what their packaging will look like but did not specify any box style and material details.

DAMESO specified the size of the box, the color scheme, and how the logo will look on the box. The company wanted their packaging in matte black and the logo on top. The logo’s color scheme is glossy black – contrasting with the packaging’s matte black.

Our Solutions

The Box Style

TopGiftBoxes prioritized DAMESO’s customer satisfaction in the approach towards the box style. Since DAMESO did not specify the box style, TopGiftBoxes offered two worthy options: the lid & base type and the foldable box style.

The lid & base type is the most common box type. It is suitable for any type of product. As its name implies, it has two parts: the base and the lid.

The foldable or collapsible box is the more creative option. But more than being innovative, it is also economical. Because these boxes are foldable, they can save a lot of space in shipping and significantly save on shipping costs. But the collapsible packaging is more complex to manufacture and will cost more to create.

DAMESO chose the lid & base style.

The packaging is 7cm in height, and TopGiftBoxes set the lid height to 3cm, making it easier to open the box.

The Materials

We used a 3mm greyboard wrapped with art paper for the whole box. Greyboard gave a sturdy structure, and the art paper is ideal for printing. TopGiftBoxes also used a black card to add elegance to the packaging for the inside of the box.

The On-Brand Design

TopGiftBoxes combined printing and spot UV for the logo. Printing served as the logo’s base, and spot UV gave a logo a shiny coating that made the logo stand out. The combination set the logo apart from the matte black background of the packaging.

Due to the color difference of screen and print color, the gold parts of the logo for the first sample did not match the one client wanted. After speaking with DAMESO, TopGiftBoxes changed the color specifications and printed the gold parts in a Pantone color. Pantone color can better ensure the accuracy of color and print the solid color smoothly with the highest standard.

The Result

DAMESO was pleased with the end-product. The box is as elegant and luxurious as the brand.

The materials of the packaging are sturdy and of good quality. The design is sleek and professional. The black art paper with the matte lamination on the outside is rich. The black card on the inside of the box ensures that the package is as elegant on the inside as it is tasteful on the outside.

The final product matched DAMESO’s high-end reputation. The company could not have been more pleased with the result. TopGiftBoxes managed to help DAMESO improve its brand reputation through clear communication, expert advice, and professional service.


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