Unboxing Creativity: 10 Websites for Packaging Design Inspiration

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In the world of product marketing, packaging can often be the defining moment between catching a consumer’s eye and getting lost in the shuffle. With the surge in online shopping and social media’s “unboxing” trend, stellar packaging design is more crucial than ever. For designers and brands looking for a burst of inspiration, the internet offers a treasure trove of outstanding examples. Here are 10 websites that serve as hubs for innovative packaging designs:

1. The Dieline

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The Dieline is a top-tier platform that offers design inspiration, insights, and a deep understanding of the packaging industry. They host yearly awards, “The Dieline Awards,” recognizing the absolute best in consumer product packaging design worldwide. They also publish in-depth articles, reviews, and interviews, making it an essential resource for packaging design professionals.

2. Packaging of the World

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Packaging of the World is a global creative platform showcasing the most innovative and creative packaging works from across the globe. From wine bottles to skincare products, they cover a broad spectrum of industries. What makes this website special is their focus on story-telling—each project features a detailed backstory explaining the concept and process behind the design.

3. Lovely Package

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Lovely Package elevates packaging design to an art form. Their curated collections showcase exceptional design aesthetics, focusing on creativity, color, typography, and materials. Each post also offers informative insights about the design, making it an excellent educational resource as well.

4. Behance’s Packaging Section

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As part of Adobe’s creative showcase platform, Behance, their Packaging Section is a hotspot of inspiration. Designers worldwide post their works here, from conceptual projects to commissioned works for prominent brands. Each project typically includes a description of the design process and the creative thinking behind it, providing a deeper understanding of each design.

5. Packaging Design Archive

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Packaging Design Archive is an extensive online repository of packaging design. It provides a comprehensive perspective on design evolution over the years and across various sectors. What sets this website apart is its academic approach to design, with detailed categorization and analyses that can benefit both students and professionals in the field.

6. Branding, Packaging & Opinion (BP&O)

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BP&O is not just a showcase of designs but also a critique platform. It features in-depth reviews and opinions on various design works, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of packaging design. The website stands out for its commitment to examining the broader cultural and market trends impacting design decisions.

7. Pinterest

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Often overlooked as a source of packaging design inspiration, Pinterest is a goldmine. Its user-generated content keeps the platform constantly updated with fresh ideas. With its easy-to-navigate interface and an algorithm that learns your preferences over time, Pinterest offers a more personalized experience.

8. Ambalaj


Based in Sweden, Ambalaj is a unique platform that merges design with sustainability. They spotlight innovative packaging designs that prioritize eco-friendly practices, contributing to a greener future. Their focus on the intersection of aesthetics and environmental consciousness sets them apart.

9. Packaging UQAM


This little gem is a testament to the power of academic excellence. Managed by the University of Quebec in Montreal, it’s where academia meets real-world design challenges. The fusion of theory with practicality provides an enriching perspective.

10. Package Inspiration

package inspiration

True to its name, Package Inspiration offers an expansive database of packaging designs across industries. The website’s easy-to-navigate categories and detailed descriptions of design work make it a user-friendly source of design inspiration.

In the fast-paced world of product marketing, staying updated with the latest trends in packaging design can give you a competitive edge. These websites are invaluable resources, each offering a unique perspective and approach to the art of packaging design. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just beginning your journey in the design world, these platforms will fuel your creativity and inspire your next project.


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