The Sensual Revolution: Soft Touch Finish in Packaging

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In the vast universe of packaging, the soft touch finish emerges as a tactile superstar, instantly elevating the unboxing experience. It’s not just about the feel – it’s about the message it communicates to the discerning consumer.

What is a Soft Touch Finish?

Definition and Basics

At its core, a soft touch finish imparts a velvety or rubbery texture to packaging materials. Far from a mere tactile embellishment, it introduces a luxurious element that transforms the customer’s interaction with a product.

Benefits in Sensory Experience

Imagine the warmth of a cozy blanket on a chilly evening or the softness of rose petals. That’s the kind of sensory journey a soft touch finish promises. It transcends the visual realm, creating an emotional bond between the product and the potential user.

The Application of the Soft Touch

soft touch packaging

The soft touch finish finds its grace in a plethora of industries:

  • Cosmetics: From lipstick tubes to foundation boxes, the soft touch imparts a sense of luxury, promising premium quality.
  • Electronics: Phone packaging, earbuds cases, and even laptop boxes benefit from this finish, echoing the cutting-edge technology within.
  • Jewelry: The soft touch on jewelry boxes creates an anticipation, making the reveal even more special.
  • Premium Chocolates and Confectionaries: The tactile experience hints at the decadent treats awaiting inside.
  • Publishing: Book covers with a soft touch beckon readers, offering a sensory treat complementing the intellectual one.

Why Brands Are Opting for Soft Touch Packaging

luxury packaging with soft touch finish

Enhancing Brand Image

In the vast ocean of products, differentiation is crucial. A soft touch finish is more than a tactile feature; it’s a brand statement, articulating a brand’s commitment to quality and sophistication.

Increasing Product Value

Consumers, often subconsciously, associate the soft touch feel with premium products. This sensory marketing elevates the perceived value of the product, making consumers more willing to invest.

The Pros of Soft Touch Finish

  1. Environmental Consideration: Many soft touch finishes are developed using water-based solutions, curbing VOC emissions.
  2. Protection: The soft touch finish offers a certain degree of protection against abrasions and minor dings.
  3. Tactile Differentiation: In a store shelf filled with similar products, a soft touch package instantly stands out, offering consumers a tactile guide.
  4. Elevated User Experience: It takes the unboxing experience up a notch, turning it into an event.

Drawbacks of Soft Touch Lamination

Despite its allure, the soft touch finish is not without its challenges. It’s more prone to showing fingerprints and smudges, and its distinct texture might be susceptible to scratches. Additionally, the premium experience often comes with a premium price, potentially limiting its application to luxury items.

Comparing with Other Finishes

Glossy vs. Soft Touch

While the glossy finish is like the shining star, bold and bright, the soft touch finish is more of a crescent moon, subtle yet impactful. While glossy calls for attention, soft touch quietly draws you in.

box with glossy lamination

Matte vs. Soft Touch

Matte offers timeless elegance, akin to a classic novel. Soft touch, in contrast, is like a bestselling modern fiction with an embossed cover – promising a sensory experience even before the story unfolds.

Other Considerations

The finish you choose is essentially an extension of the brand’s persona. A high-energy brand might lean towards glossy, while a brand emphasizing luxury and sophistication might gravitate towards the soft touch. Understanding the brand and its target audience is paramount.

Conclusion and Future Trends

Soft touch finish, with its sensory appeal and emotional resonance, has transformed the packaging landscape. As brands continually search for authentic connections, the tactile dimension offers vast opportunities. With evolving technologies and consumer preferences, who knows what tactile wonders the future holds? For now, the soft touch finish reigns supreme.


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