Why Is a Sample Box So Important for Your Packaging?

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You and your design team have put in too much time, effort, and resources in packaging design. You want your product to be in the best boxes to provide an excellent unboxing experience to your customers.

The question is, how do you know that you’ll be getting the packaging that’s a perfect match with your design? Is there a way?

The answer is Yes. You can request a sample box before mass production. Here let’s look at the reason and importance of a sample box for your packaging.

What is a Sample Box?

A sample box is a prototype of your packaging that you can use to assess if you still need to customize further or accept it as it is. It is vital in packaging to achieve your vision.

Types of Sample Boxes

Depending on packaging requirements, you may request different sample boxes from your supplier. For example, you may want to accept any sample box or ask for more upgrades to achieve your final product packaging.

Traditional Box Sample

A conventional box sample is an existing box provided by your manufacturer. It’s something that your supplier produced for another client. With this sample box, you will have an idea about your project’s stock, printing, thickness, and coating. Moreover, you can check its packaging durability with your product inside to understand whether the stock structure or consistency is suitable for your product.

A traditional box sample is cost-effective but will provide an excellent understanding of how your final box will function. In addition, it will also offer some innovative ideas that you may want to add to your design, such as varnishes or coatings.

Standard White Box Sample

A standard white box sample is a plain container that does not have any printing or graphics for swift quality validation of the material. It is the least costly among the sample box types and the fastest to manufacture. If you have a tight timeline for your project and must ensure the material holds your product correctly, you must opt for this type.

white sample box

Custom Box Sample

The manufacturer makes the custom sample as per specifications to give you an idea about the look of the packaging. It also includes any custom printing, design, and other details prescribed. Moreover, this type of box sample will help you analyze the production quality and decide if you’ll push through with the project. Finally, with a custom box sample, you’ll have an idea of the final output.

For a custom sample box, you can ask for a production-grade sample or a digital-grade sample. A production-grade model uses offset printing, the same type of printing used in mass producing your packaging, so it takes longer to make. In terms of cost, it’s more expensive than a digital grade, but you’ll get a box that closely resembles your desired packaging.

On the other hand, you may ask for a digital grade sample if you only want an initial prototype for further fine-tuning before mass production. However, you must understand that it provides a lower quality than the production-grade sample. In addition, a digital grade sample is less costly and has a faster turnaround time. If you ask for this type of printing, you must approve the color based on the digital proof before the manufacturer mass produces your final packaging.

custom sample box with print

Why You Need a Sample Box

A sample box is a critical part of your search for the appropriate product packaging. If you already have a packaging design, you still have to improve it before the final production. Therefore, you must ask for a sample box to make changes and ensure that you get the correct boxes after mass production.

To Test the Functionality of Your Packaging

A sample box provides a way for you to assess the packaging quality and its competence in keeping your product safe during shipping and handling. Moreover, it guarantees the accomplishment of your functional requirements.

Evaluate the Measurement

It may be tricky to ascertain the dimensions of your packaging, especially if it has a unique shape. However, you can ensure that your product is secure inside during distribution and shipping with a box sample. Moreover, you can confirm its structural design.

Examine the Quality

The colors produced on print and the screen differ because they use different models. Therefore, it would be best to have a sample box to ensure the colors you want. If there’s a difference, you can ask your manufacturer for changes until you’re satisfied with the results.

Moreover, you can request a sample box to check the durability, quality, material, and other details before the manufacturer mass produce your packaging.

To Fine Tune the Emotional and Visual Impact of Your Box

A sample box helps fine-tune the emotional and visual impact of your design. Moreover, it guarantees the proper execution of your branding and design requirements.

Collect Feedback from Stakeholders

Another essential aspect of asking for sample boxes from your supplier is generating feedback from your stakeholders. They can search for issues that a customer may spot. Moreover, their responses will provide insights into the design, artwork, materials, and shape.

Determine the Final Packaging

Another benefit of sample boxes is assessing your packaging for final approval before mass production. You approve all the details such as the color, typography, design, and others. After seeing it, you can now talk with your supplier about possible tweaks, upgrades, or modifications before the final production. You have peace of mind that you offer an excellent unboxing experience to your customers.

When to Order a Sample Box

If you’re unsure when to place a sample box order, you can consider the following cases:

  • If it’s your first time ordering packaging from the supplier. You must ensure that you and your box manufacturer are on the same page regarding the packaging quality and efficiency of order placement.
  • If you’re making a bulk order and don’t want to make expensive errors that you can’t rectify in the design. Print proofs and sample boxes are a great help in finalizing your packaging design before total production.
  • If you can’t envision your packaging in your mind. It would be best to ask for a box sample to visualize the final product packaging.
  • If you’re unsure if your product will match its box.

Final Thoughts

A sample box is a critical part of packaging production. It helps you test your packaging functionality and tweak its visual and emotional impact. You should request it to ensure that your box supplier understands your requirements before mass production.

If you have more questions about sample boxes, you can contact us today!


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